Consumer behaviour, influence by income

there are many variable influencing consumer behavior for purchasing, but there are some specific behavior which is able to be used by marketing manager to be more recognize to their specific target market.

  1. pattern of consumer Expense related to amount of revenue, where market consisted of people who have money to spent. Mostly family expend most their money for the important features such food, rent or house instilment, article of furniture, and also insurance. Purchasing of luxurious goods coming from the discretionary income, that is rest of income after lessened by payment of Lease and especial goods expense. difficult discretionary income comprehended because everyone has their value about primary goods which different each other. For example, a motorbike bought by someone with high income as common goods (secondary), it will be the purchasing of luxurious goods when it bought by people with low income. Thereby, seller can perceive the data of income and family expenditure to know more how their target market spend their money.
  2. Economic requirement influence the purchasing decision. Economic requirement means factors considered in exploiting time and consumer money as well as possible,. Mostly consumer look for the lower price , and the other look for the best benefit with the assessment of pursuant to price and quality of product. While the other put the extra attention to freshmen. Several things becoming economic requirement for example: economic (thrift) in purchasing or usage, freshmen or amenity, efficiency in operation or usage, reliability of usage and improvement revenue. Mostly consumer esteem the conducive company is that they enjoy the value more than money which they expend. But in fact better value do not always at the costlier price. All pursuant to owner of consumer time to be able to get loose their time to get the goods with the better value.

    But it is again affirmed by the matter which is concerning value of someone satisfaction will very difficult to get its parameter