Internal communication

Internal communication means all communication form of management side to employees of a service organization.
Marketing communication used to make communication with officer of service enterprise and also with eksternal consumer. Internal communication has important role especially on keeping and growing the enterprise culture which is built above certain service side. It is important to apply for large capacity of service business exist in spread place, which is sometimes all over the world, where the employees work far away from their old country. internal communication target covers:
1. effort to secure efficient service hand over and satisfies customer
2. up to work relation which productive and harmonious
3. building trust
4. respect
5. loyality fires an employee.

To get up those target dependent on clear communication among management and their employee.
There are some Media that often been utilized for communication internaling, these are include periodic news and internal magazine, corporate personal television system, videotape, direct guidance, and periodic promotion effort using display, present, and acquaintanceship program. Sometime external advertising is attributed to fire an employee and also customer.
From the target that want to be reach, we can make conclusion that internal communication is an effort of enterprise management to build hard team with their employee to arrange the strategy of finding trick to gets good communication with eksternal customer so that make them most draw for utilize product those are sold. It means that management truly utilize the resource they have which is employ to solve the problem that their dealing.
this indeed have positive impact to relationship among management with its employee, where employees perceives to have accountability on corporate success because they come on to take a hand in taking corporate essential decision.