layout strategy

Strategy Behalf in Spontaneous Layout

layout's decision constitutes one decision to make design or layout of available production facility in a production side

Its aim is determine long run efficiency of operation that will be performed, which is defensible efficiency in long duration, where does business still run well. other purpose is getting top strategy that support differentiation, and low cost.

what is the requisite for good layout???

  1. Good layout considering how to get high rate utilize for each hall. So that

    unadvised availability for sense or disused space

  2. Good Layout has good transportation system, for people (worker), material, even for transportation of information. for example is a job room where the distance between officer and leader is neighboring,

    it aims to make easy the flow information because tall communication charge among employee and chairman

  3. Layout

    shall fix employ moral and gets more condition safe,

    avoid the condition for the hall which enable utilized by employees to do things that get bad moral, e.g. for dates, etc..

  4. Layout can be repaire the interaction between customer and clien.

    Unadvised interaction which complicate its happening communication, specifically for service effort that charge interaction face to face with customer.

  5. Layout is fleksible,

    which is create convenience for user.