North Sumatra Provincial Legislative Council Speaker Abdul Aziz Angkat died

what kind of democration is this? everything must be reached with crusial ways. no talk, no discuss... how pity this country is...
it's so difficult to understand when I know this bad news if North Sumatra Provincial Legislative Council Speaker Abdul Aziz Angkat died of a heart attack after set upon by a mob outside of the council building in Medan. He was attacked by protesters rallying against the council’s decision to postpone a plenary meeting to discuss a recommendation for a new province, called Tapanuli, to be created that had been scheduled for Wednesday.
The crowd of about 2,000 protesters forced their way into the council building moments after the council had concluded the first out of three plenary meetings scheduled for the day and crowded around Aziz, hitting and kicking him and causing him to collapse.
How it should be happened? democration is very-very good way to solve the problem, to find more good idea by discuss, the way to sound what you want to get, what your right to be reached, but not using bad means like this. does the democration is too free? should we back to the "ORDE BARU" era, where everything must be limited and sparated?
please, we are developing, going forward to the good condition of our life. this country needs so much support from kinds part of this country's element, so why we dont start to think for the right way to do something for this country? the freedom has we get, why we dont use it.
just take the lesson from this. remember, this is democracy, not demo crazy