Gas Shortage Push Prices Up by 70 Percent

this is Reports of gas shortage emerged from various regions in Java for the second day on Wednesday but short supply had been for weeks in small towns across the island. some say that short supply happened as the result of distribution problem.

In Surakarta, Central Java head of the Association of Private Oil and Gas Entrepreneurs said Pertamina supply came on Friday less than half its usual daily shipment of 120 tonnes. In the capital city of the province Semarang, shortage have push gas prices up by 15 percent.

Spokesman for Central Java-Yogyakarta III Regional office of Pertamina said maintenance work on Pertamina depo in Balongan, supply move to Eretan depo, and bad weather have disrupt gas supplies.

In Cirebon West Java, area closer to Eretan depo, price for a single 3 kg canister of gas have shot up 78 percent from Rp 14,000 to Rp 25,000.

Gas consumption for household consumers was forced by the government among low income families since late 2007 by stopping distribution of kerosene. Smaller gas canisters of 3 kg were distributed to promote gas consumption.

Pertamina also announced on Wednesday it is to increase avtur (jet fuel) production in 2009 by converting materials to produce kerosene initially planned to be exported to China, to produce jet fuel.

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