Evolution in Quality Control Process

Process of quality control start from time where man can process material and produce the good. These are the history of quality process since held with traditional method involve individual until holding of complex method involving of all aspect exist in organization.
Operator Quality Control (end of 19 century)
Operator generally responsible to producing a product, checking and controlling the quality of product he produced.
Foreman Quality Control (1904-1920)
Foreman responsible to execution of quality control for the product made by operator under his control.
Inspector Quality Control (1921-1939)
Build the specific department for quality control which responsible to the activities of inspecting and controlling the quality of product or existing process. This specific department generally known as quality control department or quality assurance in line organization structure and functional staff.
Statistical Quality Control (1940-1960)
1920 : Walter Shewart introduce “statistical control chart” to control the process.
1941 : American War Standard (AWS) is made, that is AWS Z.H. uide for quality control and AWS Z.I.2 control chart methods for analyzing data.
1944 : H.F. Dodge & H.G. Romig introduce “inspection sampling technique, that is technic for taking of product sample that will be check for it’s quality.
1945 : Build up the American society of quality control
1950 : Military Standard (Mil. Std) 105-Military standard procedure and tables for inspection by attribute
1957 : Military Standard (Mil. Std) 414-Military standard for acceptance sampling by variable.
The main reason of using method or statistical analyze in execution of quality control are:
Inspection (100%) generally is good to hold, but for some case be disadvantage
Approach/statistical analyze will make execution for quality control activities more effective and efficient.
Concept of Total Quality Control (1960-1970)
Everybody must be involved to the problem of product quality produced. The problem of product quality is not only as operator, foreman, or quality control department, but also the responsible of all aspect, for low even high level management. By following the concept of total quality control, then applied quality control chart. Management of quality tried to take all side to have consideration of quality, always orientation to the effort of reaching the best (concept of zero defect) and have principle that “better we reach quality product, bigger the profit will be get”.