Rank Xerox (Dale, 1994 ; 500) : “Benchmarking is the continous process against strongest competitors or those renowned as world leaders in their field”

Main Purpose

Appointing secret of success from the most success competitors, then adapted and repaired better to executed to our enterprise, in order to be better than other (include the enterprise we bench marking).

Four Kinds of Benchmarking (Dale, in Gasperz, 1997)

1. Internal benchmarking
Compare operations between functions in it’s organization
2. Competitive Benchmarking
Looking for informations about best performance from competitor which will be used by enterprise to create the best product
3. Fungsional benchmarking
Comparation of Functional benchmarking by performance identification which is similar to functions from enterprise

4. Generic benchmarking
Kind of benchmarking which is some business function and it’s process are same

Process (Camp : 1989)

- Identification the process and operation
- Looking for success enterprise
- Appointing kinds of required data

- Negotiation with benchmarking client

2. Analyze
3. Integration
4. Implementation
5. Ripe fase

Management Rule In Benchmarking

l Commitment to process change

l Provide required fund

l Allocate right human resource

l Information that is presented to the benchmarking client is only prepared and decided by management

l Appointing the process that will be repaired, client and negotiate with client of benchmarking